Gear up for grilling season because it’s that time of year when the weekends are starting to be perfect for having cookouts and doing some porch sitting.

I always welcome grilling season with arms open wide. There’s no better meal to me than something that’s been grilled, no matter if it’s with white meat, dark meat, or no meat! From all the various vegetables and fruits you can grill to the hearty cuts of meat out there that every guy enjoys getting to the right temp, grilling out is a treat for any modern man.

You see, the enjoyment most people get out of grilling isn’t necessarily the end product. No. It’s the process of grilling. No matter if you’re using propane or charcoal, starting up the grill and doing all the prep work needed is a bit of a chore. But it’s also an art. One that requires the proper techniques and care and attention.

Cleaning the meats and preparing the vegetables and whatever else you’re cooking also takes some work. Marinades need to be prepared. Kabobs need kabobbing. Meats neat cut and trimmed and seasoned.

And then, when all that has been taken care of comes the real treat: setting that slice of meat on the grill and just hearing the hiss and sizzle of the grill.

I’m a huge fan of grilling for that sound alone. It makes storing all of my tools for half a year in old cardboard boxes worth the wait, honestly. If we could grill all year long, it wouldn’t be nearly as special. That’s how most of these things seem to go. With year round access to something, it’s alright. But when it becomes an exclusive thing, a limited activity, THEN it becomes so much more fun and interesting and special.

The other thing that makes it so great? You can become your household’s own master chef. No matter how bad or good you are at grilling, you can take pride in doing the cooking half the time. And even better? Well, grilling is always an excuse to crack a beer and relax.

So, I implore you guys to get your own grilling tools out of storage or whatever cardboard boxes you’ve buried them in over the winter. Fire up the propane, stock up on your charcoal, and clean off the grill. It’s time for grilling season. It’s time for some grill marks. It’s time for summer.