Moving from one place to the next is a criminally underrated task. People see posts on Facebook and other social media channels of families making a move, but they never really consider all the work that went into all of that.

It’s a stressful process, to begin. Just planning everything out, getting all the stuff packed up, worrying about timing and closing on your new house and selling your old house, and explaining to the kids what’s going on is all just a lot to deal with at once. Making the actual move is likely the last thing you want to do after all of that emotional baggage.

So, when you’re transporting everything and carrying it all in, why not lessen the entirely load of everything by cheating a little bit? Why not use everything you can to help make the move easier for you both physically and mentally?

These supplies are likely the first things after shipping boxes that you’ll think of when it comes to planning a move. What may slip your mind, however, are items that can help secure and protect your belongings, because you do not want to be worrying about items surviving the transit from old home to new. You’re already worrying about a million other things!

Cargo straps.

These sorts of straps are essential. They’re extremely versatile, extremely useful, and downright needed for your move. All because they are available in a range of weight capacities, come with different kinds of hooks, and won’t scratch finished items like all of your wood pieces.

Furniture blankets.

This type of blanket’s primary purpose is to save your furniture from rubbing up against other pieces of furniture. This protects your property from rips, tears, scratches, and other marks you wouldn’t want. Typically, you would want to place the blankets between each piece of furniture in your trailer. That’s a lot of blankets, however, so some pieces of furniture need it less than others, or you can even opt to break down some old cardboard and place that in between if you’re tight on time or cash.

The secret benefit of furniture blankets, though, is dragging heavy furniture over door thresholds and along floors. Extremely heavy appliances can be especially tough to move in and out of houses without scratching hardwood flooring, and they’re far too heavy to pick up and move inside tight spaces without the use of a handcart. So, using them as dragging “vehicles” for your heavy appliances is an extremely useful way of utilizing your packaging supplies. And if you don’t have furniture blankets to spare for dragging things along expensive surfaces, you can always break down some shipping boxes and use those instead.