Grilling and Chilling

Ahh. Grilling season is finally upon us. There’s honestly no better time of year than the middle of spring allllll the way up until mid fall.

While there can be rainy days in that span of time, there’s really not much else that can stop you from getting out some meats and veggies, seasoning them to your liking, and firing up the grill.

I have been quite looking forward to this time of year after such a cold winter. In fact, just the other day I went to get a new tank of propane so that I could throw some chicken and asparagus on the grill. There’s seriously a world of difference between pan fried chicken and grilled chicken. (In reality, there may not actually be a “huge” difference, but I’ll deny that till I die.)

Some of the best parts of grilling season isn’t actually having an excuse to eat more meats and drink more beer out on the patio. Rather, it’s the time spent outside and enjoying cooking.

Think about it: How many of you love to cook on the stove and spend time preparing foods and actually doing the cooking? There may be a few cooking afficionados out there, and a chunk of you may still say you enjoy cooking with your significant other or friends. Hey, I’m in both of those boats.

But do you enjoy cooking every single time you cook? No. No you don’t.

When hitting up the grill, though . . . that’s an entirely different story. Anyone who wants to grill does it voluntarily. And anything you do voluntarily almost always means you’re enjoying it for some reason.

I’ve got a few of my old grilling tools buried away in a few cardboard boxes in storage, so I’m excited to break those out and get the grill going on a weekly basis.

In fact, there’s no such thing as too much grilling. While it can cause some people to not love the process as much, I’ve been known to grill out for weeks on end without going back to the stove. Weather permitting, grilling is my preferred choice of cooking food.

So when I get home later today, I actually believe that we’ll be grilling some steaks and frying morels. What better combo is there than steak and mushrooms? I’ll be raring to rip those cardboard boxes of grilling utensils wide open so that I can get everything set up and ready to go.